Saturday, May 9, 2009

Some photos of Chernihiv

I can't seem to get the program to upload any of my photos, so I will post some on my Facebook page. If you don't have access to my page, send me an invite request.


  1. Hi Barb - Love reading your blog. So much interesting stuff! Your Willa Cather idea along with the other author is a great one! I wish I could participate! John & I enjoyed seeing the pictures - interesting looking cat!
    And we especially liked the one of you with the statue - we are assured you are well! Your "family" is a handsome one! How well we understand your "four-year-old" comment. We attended Sophia & Henry's piano recital yesterday; they both played well. School will be out soon. We had a crisis on the block Thursday; Nell's cat escaped & she & John & I spent quite a while looking for it to no avail. Thankfully, when Nell went out again after dark, she could hear a cat meowing and she followed the sound to find her just across the alley. Nell was so happy! I went back to work April 27 & am finding the three day weeks wonderful - sort of easing into retirement. Everything is in bloom & abundantly so - our rains must have had some effect. I can only imagine that the cottonwood will be prolific as well! I wonder if Liz will be prepared for that? (Smile.) Our best wishes to you! S & J

  2. THanks for the invite to the blog. ITs is fascinating to read your whole blog and get caught up on the adventure. You are a brave woman!! Just learning a new language, plus being immersed in a new culture is daunting.

    Darcey says hi and gives you a big hug.

  3. Barb, I loved the story about your kayaking. After all your real adventures in the wild, that had to be real fun. I can picture you in the Dragon Boat and the drumming. Love reading your stories.