Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kyiv photos


  1. Barb, I tried to phone you today--May 24--about 8 p.m. your time--but your phone rang on and on unanswered, so I just want to make sure you know I'm thinking about you, reading your adventures with intense interest. I loved the dragon boat moment.

    Callie & I went into Lake Michigan the other morning--the water was 58, or 14, if you've lost touch with Fahrenheit. Callie's been swimming since February, but that was still kind of cold for me!

    You write about how rundown things seem in Ukraine. I wonder if the US will seem much different when you get back. It's pretty discouraging here, the potholes, the gates lying across the tennis courts, etc. Barack just announced that single-payer health care is off the table, which has us all outraged, too. But--somehow we will persevere.



  2. Hi, Barb,

    The CA Supreme Court ruled in favor of Proposition 8/against same sex marriage rights today. Sad day for a lot of people. We went into SF for a march & rally after work. Lots of signs comparing marriage between persons of different race to marriage between persons of same sex. The legal people are really mad. They were saying that the Court went backwards from previous rulings. Terrie and I are still married, though. They upheld the marriages which already happened. Which is just weird. I feel like a poster child. Also lots of signs with pictures of Barack Obama with just a question mark over his head. Lots of people feeling frustrated with the failure to be able to change things. Ran into JD, who is just as always and it was wonderful to see her. Sylvia had her last chemo today and will be taking back over her own cooking. That seems positive! Love to you, Robin