Friday, May 15, 2009

photos explained

Once again, didn't quite get the photo arrangement right. Obviously, the last one is from the rally. The other unexplained photo is my two language teachers--Natasha (young one) and Tamila. We were on a tour of a history musem.

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  1. HI Barb!
    How great it is to see any pictures at all, even if there's no/wrong explanations! The country looks pretty flat. Is it? Wish I could convey how we Americans take everything, like the condition of our parks, for granted to my kids. We really don't seem to appreciate this as we could. Thank you for referencing this as you write! It is so good to be reminded of how well we enjoy life's simple pleasures!
    Sounds like you're creating some great friendships thru your involvements. You are doing great things! You're awesome!!