Saturday, December 1, 2012

Autumn hikes in Crimea--September

Our first hike in September--Shuldan Monastery. An ancient monastery from the 7-8th centuries, it is still active with one monk living there.

The entrance to the monastery tucked into one of twenty caves high in the cliffs.

My hiking companions--Olga, Cheryl, Anton, and Yulia--on the cliff top above the monastery cave.

On the annual "Librarian Day," a few of us from the library took off to hike the Bakla cave city, a short bus ride from Simferopol. This is Mavie, a neighbor and fellow library worker.

A distant view of Bakla.

One of the many details etched into the caves.

Later in September, Lilya from the library, PCV pal Cheryl and I hiked Aya Dag, a forested mountain on the coast. Aya Dag means "bear mountain" in Crimean Tatar, and the mountain resembles a bear bowing low to drink from the sea. Many legends--ancient and UFOs--surround the mountain. This a view from the mountain top, looking out to sea at my favorite swimming rocks.

A view of a nearby seaside town as we climb up the mountain.

Cheryl and I picking our way along the scree slope.

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