Friday, June 5, 2009

Some pictures

Here are a few pictures of Kotsubinsky's house and gardens with my friends Tamila, Fran, and Jud. Also, a picture of one of the craft pieces in the exhibit in the museum. You have to enlarge it to really see it--made out of recycled materials. And a picture of my cluster doing a language lesson.

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  1. Hi Barb - Am a bit embarrassed that I've neglected writing for so long, especially when I think of you daily. I've had some new - well, not new, but newly diagnosed medical issues - lymphedema - that I've been dealing with. I've started physical therapy tho, so that is good. Am so enjoying your blog and the pictures. I can't help but think of my growing up - without indoor plumbing or hot water - it's not pleasant, but can be done! The pictures of the small town you visited remind me so much of the small town near our farm. I liked the pictures of Kief - the architecture seems particularly beautiful. We missed the party next door as Aaron was leaving for Alaska the next day and we wanted to spend the evening with him. He went there for work - yes, Best Buy has a new store there (built under a tent because of volcanic ash). He loved the mountains. I wish you could see the cottonwood! I really think it has the most "cotton" ever or maybe it seems that way because we have a severe drought. The yard is white and we have drifts of the soft, furry stuff. We are supposed to get some rain tonight or tomorrow, but I doubt it will help much. The grass is crispy and any dirt is like fine dust. It's too bad because so many people are gardening for the first time - following Michelle Obama's lead for growing food. We had a wonderful two-nite special on the White House this week. It was good to read that Star and Rosie are doing well. We miss seeing them and you! Keep up your good work and thank you so much for sharing your experiences! Sharon and John