Monday, April 20, 2009


Here are some of the PCVTs. The woman in the front with the plaid coat is my language teacher Tamila.
View from the bell tower of one of the ancient churches in Chernihiv.

The bell tower--we climbed to the top.

Asia, our house cat.

Me in front of a staute of Lenin. This is in the town center which is a short walk from my house.

Two sculptures at the retreat center we where at outside of Kyiv right after we got here.

One of the buildings at the retreat center--
soviet built.

My wonderful host family--Lena, Maxim, and Artom (4 year old).


  1. How nice to see all of you. Tell Lena Max and Artom Здравствуйте! from your American cousin



  2. Barbie,
    The pictures are great and I hope you can post more. I look forward to reading more, what a treat to be able to see thru your eyes.
    Love Ya, Jo